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Group Fitness

From early mornings to late evenings, we offer more than 30 group fitness classes each week. Whether you like traditional cycling, yoga, strength & functional training, you can get wet with aqua aerobics, or if you follow new fitness breakouts like HIIT, our certified instructors pack each session with calorie-burning moves that maximize your gym time. 


Download the schedule for a full menu of group fitness offerings and class descriptions. 


Water aerobics has an almost non-existent injury rate making it one of the safest and most effective forms of cardiovascular training. Working out in water provides superior resistance resulting in effective muscle toning. Our aquatic classes utilize our onsite heated pool and feature a mix of cardio and body weight exercises using waterproof fitness gear. No swimming skills are required for these classes. 


Download the schedule for a full menu of aquatic offerings and class descriptions. 

Reformer Pilates @ Pier Fitness Pilates Studio 116 E. College Ave

Pilates is a world-renowned fitness program that utilizes controlled movements to develop flexibility, build strength, improve posture and endurance. We offer different levels of Pilates classes taught at our sister location, Pier Fitness Pilates. Through the use of specialized equipment, the pilates reformer, these classes are taught in small group or private hour long sessions. Classes are not included in Pier Fitness memberships so call or visit the Welcome Desk to learn how you can purchase a class punch card.  


Download the schedule to learn more about the classes and pricing packages offered at Pier Fitness Pilates. 

Class Rules

​We get it, rules are no fun. However, to ensure that everyone in class gets the full benefit of our elite trainer's instruction, we ask that you abide by the following rules when taking a class at Pier Fitness. 


1. Arrive on time. Late arrivals will not be permitted to join the class. 

2. No cell phone use during class. Please mute or turn off your phone. 

3. Follow the instructions provided and ask for a modification if the  movement is too much for you. 

4. Be respectful of your neighbors in class and the instructor. 



Group fitness, bootcamps and aquatics classes included in trial. 



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