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Because fitness needs encouragement.  

Personal Training Starts Here

Transformations aren't easy. That is why designing a fitness plan tailored to your unique lifestyle and personal fitness goals is crucial for success. 


With several affordable packages to choose from in addition to individual spot training sessions, our certified trainers are here to help you every step of the way. Each multi-session package includes a consultation, physical assessment, body composition analysis and personalized workouts. Additional pricing and packages are available. 


Our expert trainers can help you achieve your fitness goals. Check out their profiles below and call us at 805.736.3493 or visit in person to learn more about signing up for a Personal Training Package. 


 Total Sessions      Body Comps      Price

  @ 1 Hour Each          Included 

10                       2                 $500

 5                        2                 $300

 3                        1                 $210

 1                        0                 $75

Meet Our Trainers

Karin Montoya

Karin brings more than 30 years of personal training experience to Pier Fitness. With the ability to train across all age groups and fitness levels, Karin's unique focus on perfecting form and consistency on the Pilates Reformer and Mat classes. Her believe is to train from the core and that will help you achieve your fitness goals faster. When she's not pushing clients to the next level or teaching a group fitness class you can find Karin exploring the great outdoors on her beloved horse!


Certifications held: American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor, ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Clinical Exercise Specialist, Pilates, TRX

Brian Delfin

Brian has been in fitness & sports his whole life. Brian has been busy training clients for over a year utilizing his 25 years of experience in fitness, health, body building and cardiovascular training. Brian has a true passion for fitness and he wants to share it with you. Brian's goal as a fitness trainer is to inspire and motivate you to get the best from you and help you reach your goals and a healthier happy life. Brian loves to workout and plays baseball in a Santa Barbara Mens league.

Certifications held: ISSA in Personal Training and Nutrition Specialist.

Brian Delfin Photo.jpeg